Friday, December 9, 2011

Resource updates

I've reorganized my "resources." (This may not be important to any readers.)

I've redone the definition of a resource for myself so that I can manage them better. A resource is something from which I might get something to write about on this blog from. Now there's a list of main ones that I actually follow regularly, a list of other minor websites, and then posts on other things that aren't websites. I have made posts on some of the minor resources as I learn about them. I will update these first two resource posts as I get more. Some entries I have deleted or placed in the Other or simple Interesting Finds tag.

I've added another main resource that I won't do a post on. I have been following Adafruit Industries' blog for a while now.
Remember, even though I don't post extremely regularly, I do watch these resources and always save links in my bookmarks to good articles that I want to write on in the future.

My main, followed resources:
Hack-a-day (
Adafruit Industries' blog
IEEE Spectrum Automation blog

Link to main resources post
Link to minor resources post

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