Thursday, June 10, 2010

Minor resources

Here's some websites and resources that I don't really "follow" or don't really qualify as a resource but they're cool, inspirational, and worth mentioning. - A woodworking site where Mathias Wandel publishes his projects and other things. Great projects and concepts. - Vi Hart is a college student who explores ideas in math and music. She makes very good and entertaining videos. - Bill Hammack has made amazing videos about science and engineering. He mainly does segments on radio about explaining technology. His videos have gotten many mentions and praises. - An MIT college student who has his projects on his site. Lots of great ideas and explanations.

University of Nottingham: Brady Haran is a video journalist at the University of Nottingham in England. He has made videos about the things that various departments do. The best known is the Periodic Table of Videos, with a video for every element. Sixty Symbols is for physics (and some mathematics) and has (more than sixty) videos on various symbols and concepts. - IEEE Spectrum is IEEE's magazine, and their website has many good articles on electronics and technology. (They host the IEEE Automation blog on robotics.) - Very good Arduino learning resource and store, their products are great for small and large products. - This guy plays around with high voltage, tesla coils, and other high risk electronics. - Waterloo Labs is a group of National Instruments engineers who have made sophisticated projects that are quite cool.

Lego and Mindstorms: - Tinkernology is a Lego Technic blog, where the author posts his Lego and robotics findings and projects, among some other non-lego things. - Sariel makes models out of Lego and incorporates brilliant building techniques and concepts. He makes a lot of cars and such that are powered in interesting ways. - Xander makes mostly Mindstorms projects and includes a lot of electronics in them. - Philo is a Lego Mindstorms enthusiast that has some really ingenious projects. - This site is devoted to giving Mindstorms project and all of them are amazingly designed and thought out.

I use these to research math concepts. - WolframAlpha is a mind blowing computational search engine from Wolfram Research. It will give you computational, factual answers to your questions (to a limit). Experience it for yourself, it's no cheezy scam. Here's a very good intro video. - A mathematics encyclopedia from Wolfram Research. - The mathematics stack exchange is a sort of forum or comment system to ask about math problems. Anyone learning any level of math is welcome, and there are many high-level topics discussed.

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