About Me and This Blog

Last updated 3/30/13

My name is Ben, I live in Minnesota, I'm an engineer at heart, and like all related intellectual or conceptual things like math, robotics, mechanics, electronics, etc.

This Blog:
This is sort of like an engineer's journal. Some engineers have notebooks that they write down ideas or things that inspire them. Later on they can look back or try to spark a brainstorm through this journal. I thought that was a good idea, so I decided to go digital and use a blog. Anything that's worth saving and recording could go here, mostly for future reference and ideas, but also for any viewers who might be interested.

I have tried to post about once a week or so, but for a while I have been too busy to make time to write posts. But I still save things that I want to post about in the future and I have a lot of saved links and things backed up. I follow a couple of websites and blogs and save any links to good articles. I also try to write down or remember interesting things I've seen or thought of.

My resources:
My "resources" are listed as things that I get inspiration from to write about in this blog. These are mainly websites that I follow, but also technology that I use for projects (i.e. Arduino) or anything else where I might initially find something interesting.

I apply the Resources tag to posts about these things so that I can record, remember, and look back on things that I found helpful. Check this tag to see what these things are if you would find this helpful.

What's with the title?
I wanted to be unique, of course, so instead of using something basic I used synonyms. Noetic is a synonym for intellectual and means associated with or requiring the use of the mind, and brainwaves is just a simple way of meaning "thoughts." So, "Intellectual Thoughts", which is basically what this blog is about, see above.