Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lego Antikythera mechanism

Found on Tinkernology:

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient mechanical computer used to predict solar events and positions by Greeks (we don't know exactly who made it and used it). It was recovered from a ship wreck in 1901, and X-rays performed in 2006 revealed more about it. Its advancement and accuracy was unprecedented for the time.

Andrew Carol, an Apple software engineer, has made a working replica of the Antikythera mechanism out of Lego, with 1500 Lego Technic pieces and 110 gears. Here's the video:

"Blind Juggler Robot" bounces metal ball

Found on BotJunkie:

I thought this was a super cool idea when I first found it. This robot has a bouncing/oscillating plate that is very slightly curved in a concave shape. It bounces a metal ball and the curvature of the plate keeps the ball over the plate. As you'd imagine, if the plate was flat, the ball would eventually randomly bounce off the side.

There's a lot of theory and mathematics that they put into this robot, check it out on BotJunkie and their website.

Flexible tank tread robot

Found on Tinkernology:

A very innovative and interesting robot design. Tinkernology describes it well: "Take a tank tread, but make it flexible.  Throw the other one away and don't mount anything on top. What you have is an absolutely awesome crawler that actually looks like a caterpillar when it moves."

Senz umbrella

The senz storm umbrella line are umbrellas with a unique, airfoil-like shape that avoids being blown away by the wind. It actually bends into the wind, about 70 mph winds at that. Check out the videos on their website.