Friday, December 31, 2010

Make: Electronics book

This book has been published by O’Reiley Media, which also publishes Make: Magazine, a great DIY, “maker,” and hobby magazine. Make: Electronics is meant to be a new kind of introduction to learning electronics as a hobbyist. It teaches with “learning by discovery” and has the reader experiment and make mistakes, instead of just learning theory.  I agree with this method for learning and have experienced how this makes the book very good. It explains difficult concepts well and its atmosphere is very friendly.

Multiple people have said Make: Electronics is the new, main, go-to book for an introduction to electronics. Many people used to say this of Forrest M. Mimm’s An Introduction to Electronics. I own his book and did not find it very good. I found it quite advanced, abstract, and confusing. Even when I came back to it after a while I still couldn’t grasp some important concepts. I would strongly recommend Make: Electronics instead.

Note that if you want to get through Make: Electronics, you need to buy many tools and components. There are two kits you can buy from the Maker Shop that cover the parts for the first and second half of the book. This can be very helpful, but both of these kits cost about $100 each.

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