Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fixing my OTHER white desk fan

My family has another fan just like the one I tried to improve before. This one is white, and it also didn't work at all. When you would turn it on, it would struggle to start and move. So I was "commissioned" to fix it.

The fan was quite dusty, so I thought maybe a carpet hair or a piece of dust was stuck somewhere. I blew it with our garage air compressor and wiped it down with a rag, but that didn't do anything (I wasn't expecting much). I opened it up, this time going for the motor, instead of the swivel point like the last fan. It works after taking it apart and putting it back together. I think the motor was scraping against its housing or a pesky piece of dust, which stopped it. It might have been an electrical problem, though, but I think that's less likely.

View photos here on Google Web Albums with explanations of the process in the captions. These photos follow parts of the "story" of taking the fan apart.

Note that you should probably look at my first fan fixing post, since I won't explain some of the parts already seen and explained there.

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