Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mindstorms NXT Color Sorter

Found on Tinkernology:
Robot maker's website: (looks like there many other cool robots there)

A very very nice color sorter with an arm that picks up and places colored balls. A color sensor is on the ball rack. It uses RC servos in the arm, which is cool that they could integrate that with NXT. The ball containers are fairly clever too.

What's nice about this robot is that it is very fast and efficient. Other robots you might see (this could be anywhere) move slowly and ultra-methodically like they are running on a low-level computer. These are common among x-y plotters and unique walking or climbing robots. It is hundreds of times more impressive and efficient when things move faster and the robot multitasks movements. Call me arrogant if it really does take this level of processing and precision, but often in these cases it seems to an observer that the robot is not well developed in some way. At least let me say that if the video has to be sped up 8x to keep the person from falling asleep, there might be a problem.

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